Proposed new name for the Institute: The Chartered Governance Institute

As part of the discussions introducing the new designation of Chartered Governance Professional and Affiliated Member – we, your Council, have considered the steps we need to take to position the international Institute for the future. 

At our March 2018 meeting, we decided to recommend to our members that the name of the international Institute be changed to The Chartered Governance Institute. This gives us the opportunity to reposition our brand to encompass and reflect ‘governance’.  

The proposal to change the Institute’s name only applies to the Institute in the ‘international’ sense. It is up to Divisions to decide whether they change their name. 

We will not be seeking a member vote until the AGM currently planned for 19 September this year.  In the meantime, the documents here on this page provide you with a full outline of why we advocate these important changes.

We can only move forward with the support and trust of existing members. We appreciate your feedback and views, and encourage you to post them via the Feedback tab on the right.

We ask you to consider this information carefully and to engage with your Division on these important initiatives in the months ahead.

David Venus FCIS